The ability of design

The ability of design

Led by experienced engineering and joint design teams. 

MP experience in Goolge, AMZ,MS,HW & XM and other companies; ESI related product design and development mechanical engineering and material background procurement and development.

Our values. 

* Creative speech. 

* Rapid prototyping. 

* the concept of cooperation. 

* Innovation Seminar. 

* Sketch CAD

Engineering development

Engineering development

Different from hard objects.
In the whole development process, the two sides continue to learn materials and technology, and finally form a feasible process plan. 

Communication explanation complex manufacturing and assembly details between designer and factory Technical drawings material SOLUTON & BOMD kickoff Technical Review and confirmation adaptation to design direction and commercial objectives are finally approved by the design team and final notification by the commercial team 5m Readiness Review capacity to meet demand plans.

* production verification evaluation. 

* DFM/DFA solution and BOM table creation. 

* introduction of materials and manufacturing processes. 

* adapt to design direction and achieve business goals. 

* accessible communication

Project management

Project management

We have internal prototype facilities, soft / hard cargo equipment and experienced workshop personnel. 

We designed to make (DFM) and assemble (DFA) from the start, identify potential problems earlier, and drive better solutions from the start.

* Design works. 

* Business solution. 

* Project development. 

* Mass production / bulk goods. 

* Project closure



* 2d and 3D design tools. 

* prototype and prototype tools. 

* Engineering and production solutions

* freelance designer. 

* collaborative design partners